Magna Energy & Hydro Systems Pvt Ltd

Greenhouse Cooling

In the summer, plant growth and production will slow down or stop when the temperatures exceed 85 or 90F or when the humidity is lower than 40% or higher than 85%. HYDROMIST can eliminate the "peaks" and "troughs" experienced without an effective climate control system. With these excesses eliminated the plant has more time to grow and produce valuable fruit. In some cases HYDROMIST can make a greenhouse profitable in the summer where before it was closed due to temperature and humidity excesses!

HYDROMIST system for greenhouse environmental control, provides the effective solutions to all of these problems. The fog system is installed in the house with mist nozzles equally spaced within the house. This fog quickly evaporates without wetting, to cool and humidify. This permits higher density planting, reduces disease and cuts crop loss during rooting, germination and propagation. Lab tests prove that can effectively increase production and quality for greenhouse cultivators.

Each fog systems are custom made for each greenhouse and incorporate state of the art flexible piping with brass or stainless steel nozzles, high pressure pumps with installation materials. Systems installed around the world are every day giving the cultivators the solution to reduce high temperature and increase in humidity.